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The Back Yard Show
September 12, 2005

Birgitte's first art exhibition recently took place in the backyard of her West Village apartment on September 12, 2005. Marcia Baczynski did a superb job curating the unconventional show. Roughly 40 people came to support Birgitte and the official first-viewing of her work.

Peter Arnold and Birgitte Philippides
Peter Arnold and Birgitte Philippides
Photo by Mike Messer

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Chip Cordelli, Birgitte Philippides and Tess Ghilaga

Marcia Baczynski, REiD Mihalko and Aimée Herring

Peter Arnold and Birgitte Philippides

REiD Mihalko

Periel Aschenbrand and Birgitte Philippides

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